Data manager

A great data manager is able to fully grasp the complexity of data management.
The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of Odoo and data analysis procedures.
You will also be tech-savvy and possess excellent troubleshooting skills.

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Job description

We are looking for experienced Data Managers to oversee the development and use of data entry in Odoo. You will discover efficient ways to organize, store and analyze data with attention to security and confidentiality.
The goal is to ensure that information flows timely and securely to and from the organization, as well as within.

This job will be on freelance basics, where SoHo Manager offers you a task, small or large, and where you can sign in to execute the job. 


As a freelancer you will provide your own equipment. You can use our office in emergency cases, but you will work mostly from home. If needed, you can decide together with the customer if there is a need for a site visit. But mainly tasks will be done online. Below we list minimal equipment set we think is necessary to be able for doing the job properly.

  • Laptop

  • Headset

  • User license for back-office data entry at SoHo Manager

    • This is needed to be able selecting tasks and enter your timesheets in our projects

    • You will receive a weekly timesheet report from our project managers which you can use to make your invoice

    • Your license cost will be €18.00 excl VAT per month

  • You register yourself at with your personal account and follow the free courses where you can specialize in certain subjects you prefer.

  • You can certify your Odoo account by applying for the certification exam. This exam will be paid back by SoHo Manager on success. 

  • You are in possession of a recent governmental certificate of good conduct and morals

Your responsibilities

  • Creating and enforcing policies for effective data management

  • Formulating management techniques for quality data collection to ensure adequacy, accuracy and legitimacy of data

  • Devising and implementing efficient and secure procedures for data management and analysis with attention to all technical aspects

  • Establish rules and procedures for data sharing with upper management, external stakeholders etc.

  • Support others in the daily use of data systems and ensure adherence to legal and company standards

  • Assist with reports and data extraction when needed

  • Monitor and analyze information and data systems and evaluate their performance to discover ways of enhancing them (new technologies, upgrades etc.)

  • Ensure digital databases and archives are protected from security breaches and data losses

  • Troubleshoot data-related problems and authorize maintenance or modifications

Working in complete confidentiality is a must. You will apply to the customers with an agreement and contract, where you confirm that you will do the job in complete discreetness. Since data security will be a part of your job, it is important that you keep track of all security measures needed to be taken in each project. You will inform our team and its managers, but also the customer management, in case you detect a security breach or abuse of data.

Your skills

  • Proven experience as data manager

  • Excellent understanding of data administration and management functions (collection, analysis, distribution etc.)

  • Familiarity with Odoo platform is a surplus, however we foresee a course to learn the functionality

  • Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Access, Word etc.)

  • An analytical mindset with problem-solving skills

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills

  • Knowledge of your local country accountancy rules is a must

Sometimes people think you are just a bookkeeper. But you are way more than that. Obviously you notice quickly errors in the bookkeeping. But you are mainly working on the improvement of data entry, and you are able to communicate with people to explain the importance of these entries. You are able to pinpoint problems in getting the correct data, and help your customers to avoid future errors.