For you, Odoo is...

A platform with growth opportunities

With Odoo's software platform, you enjoy a scalable solution. Modular plug-ins allow for fully customized integration for your organization. The standard version of Odoo offers easy configuration. Do you have bigger plans? Then we will gladly help you realize them.

Fully customer- and product-oriented

Customer is king! To maintain better and smoother communication with your customers, we provide follow-up and feedback in every module. From deal to delivery, from your after-sales service to returns.

Available on any device

As a digital platform, Odoo is available on all your devices. From your browser or app, you can access the full suite. This way you avoid manual installations and flexible working gets a place in your organization. This also allows you to work remotely with ease..

Sales & CRM

We deploy Odoo as your digital assistant in the sales process. In no time, you'll be tracking your customers, products, orders, subscriptions and even POS systems. Find out how Odoo helps you.

Inventory & Production

Materal Requirements Planning (MRP) is, of course, a must. From Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to quality control. We design a digital environment in which all aspects of a production process are fully managed.


Odoo offers a state-of-the-art accounting package that allows you to accurately track your finances. An accounting package is available for each country. Invoices are sent and processed digitally.

Project Management

Easily track projects using planning, time registration and field services. A real helpdesk and appointment system supports both your organization and your employees.


With the marketing integration in Odoo, you easily launch campaigns. Advanced metrics allow you to measure performance and KPIs.


Turn Odoo into your website with integrated e-commerce and a customer portal. Three in one! In addition, do you have a blog, a forum or an e-learning module? Odoo is equipped with all integrations!

Pre-Order & Outlet Manager

Our first Odoo App Store module! We allowed this development to grow into a dynamically deployable module. B2B customers can now make pre-orders or outlet sales. 

Electronic Shelf Label

Keeping your prices up-to-date is only one thing. Visualizing it correctly in your store can, but no longer has to, be a second. With electronic labels, you change your prices in Odoo and the displays adjust accordingly.

Advanced Subscription

On top of Odoo's standard subscription module, we created an advanced feature. For example, orders linked to a subscription now happen automatically. The logistics part goes to work and your stock movements start.

Advanced Delivery Method​

On top of Odoo's standard delivery methods, we created trip management. With this, you plan your deliveries in different trips and let Odoo use geolocation to calculate the best route per route.

Soho Manager Consulting

Odoo is a jack of all trades. Therefore, there are many solutions available that are not immediately visible. As an Odoo Expert, we offer consultancy that goes beyond implementation, we think along with you.

Data Assistance

Your data is the new digital gold. With Odoo, proper data integration is essential. As an experienced partner, we are able to help you with this. So you immediately enjoy the right structure in your Odoo environment.

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