Accountancy in Odoo

Your accounting and administration becomes a piece of cake. With Odoo, you enjoy all the tools you need to efficiently manage your financial processes.

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Invoicing and payments Odoo

Easily create and send invoices to your customers. Set payment deadlines and automate payment reminders. In addition, you always have a clear overview of outstanding invoices and financial transactions.

Banking integration

Bank integration allows you to automatically import bank transactions and match them with your accounting records. This saves time and minimizes the risk of errors. You can also reconcile bank statements and accurately track your bank balance.

Budget Management

Create and manage budgets for different aspects of your business. You can also assign them to specific expense areas or projects and compare actual costs with the budget. This helps you monitor financial performance and keep costs under control.

Reporting and analytical accounting

Powerful reporting tools that allow you to generate financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. You'll also use analytical accounting to allocate costs and revenues to specific departments, projects or activities. This gives you keen insight into your company's financial performance..

Tax Management

Easily set up and manage tax rules. The system automatically calculates taxes based on your configuration and applies them to invoices and payments. You can also generate and file tax returns, meeting the tax requirements of your country or region.

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