Project management with Odoo

Manage projects efficiently with Odoo's Project Management module. Plan, organize and track tasks, share documents and improve collaboration within your teams. This will increase your productivity and achieve your goals.

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Project scheduling and task management

With the Project Management module in Odoo, you easily plan and manage projects. Tasks are assigned to team members, deadlines are set and the progress of each project is tracked. A clear view of tasks and milestones ensures efficient project organization and improved collaboration within your teams.

Integrated appointment scheduling

Integrate your help desk with Odoo's appointment system to achieve seamless appointment scheduling. Schedule, manage and track appointments to maximize your employees' availability.

Shared files and communication

Sharing files and documents within project teams is easy. Central storage locations are created for project-related documentation, such as drafts, specifications and reports. In addition, Odoo offers built-in communication tools, such as chats and discussion forums. These ensure efficient collaboration and real-time communication between team members.

Time registration and billing

Odoo's Project Management module includes an integrated time logging feature. Team members can track time spent on specific tasks and projects. Based on this data, Odoo automatically generates invoices based on hours worked. This improves billing accuracy and ensures that project costs and revenues are effectively managed.

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