E-commerce in Odoo

Discover the power of Odoo's e-commerce and website module. With mobile optimization and seamless integration with other modules, Odoo offers the ideal solution for growing your online store.

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User-friendly web shop

With Odoo's e-commerce and website module, you create a user-friendly online store that attracts customers and increases conversions. With intuitive navigation and smooth checkout, customers can effortlessly browse your store and easily complete their purchases.

Fully customizable website

Give your online appearance a unique look with Odoo's customizable website module. Customize the layout, colors, fonts and images to create a professional and personalized website that reflects your brand's identity. With the flexibility to fully customize your website, you can make a lasting impression on your visitors..

Marketing and promotion tools

Take your marketing strategy to the next level with Odoo's powerful marketing and promotional tools. Use discount codes to entice customers to make purchases, implement upselling and cross-selling to increase average order value, and use personalized offers and campaigns to increase customer engagement. With these tools, you can develop effective marketing strategies and boost your sales.

Mobile friendly

In the modern world where people are increasingly using mobile devices to buy online, it is essential to provide a mobile-optimized shopping experience. With Odoo's e-commerce and website module, your website automatically adapts to different screen sizes, allowing customers to store and make payments effortlessly whether they are using a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Odoo mobile-friendly website preview
E-commerce connected to inventory in Odoo

Integration with other modules

Take advantage of the seamless integration of Odoo's e-commerce and website module with other key modules, such as inventory management and accounting. This integration allows you to efficiently manage your e-commerce operations while maintaining an integrated view of inventory levels, orders and financial data. By connecting various business processes, you can maximize your operational efficiency and drive the growth of your online store.

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